Different Workpieces Require Different Workholding

Sometimes You Need Something Bigger

If the standard workholding just won’t do, then trust us to supply you with what you need – direct from Haas.

Lathe Tailstocks

All Haas lathes are available with an optional tailstock. From the MT3 manual-positioning tailstock for the ST-10 and ST-15, to the MT5 fully programmable tailstock for the ST-40 machines, we have you covered. There’s even an MT6 tailstock for our largest turning centers.

Learn Our Process for Properly Boring Soft Jaws

Part 1: Fundamentals and OD Gripping
In the first of this two-part series, a Haas-certified machinist explores our recommended techniques for cutting/boring lathe soft jaws, and demonstrates the proper way to cut OD gripping jaws.
Part 2: ID Gripping and Adding a Taper
In the second of this two-part series, a Haas certified machinist guides us through more advanced techniques for cutting/boring lathe soft jaws, including ID gripping, re-cutting, and adding a taper to your soft jaws.
chuck installation guide
Follow along as we remove and re-install a 10" power chuck on a Haas ST-30. Then, we review the installation of a collet chuck, and the removal of smaller chucks that can be lifted by hand. Finally, we adjust the runout of a manual chuck on a Haas TL-1 Toolroom Lathe.