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Fast, Smooth & Reliable

Purpose-Built in California for Haas Machines

We’ve produced our own tool changers since 1988, with complete integration and functionality in mind. We use our own designs, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inside the Haas Side-Mount Tool Changer

The synchronized cycloidal motion of our side-mount tool changers is controlled by precision cams that are manufactured in-house on standard Haas 5-axis machines. This rugged, dependable design uses a special Haas worm-gear drive and an electronically controlled start/stop system for long life and maintenance-free operation. Every Haas side-mount tool changer is manufactured completely in-house to guarantee fast, smooth, reliable operation.

From Concept to Reality

The Haas-designed and -built side-mount tool changer symbolizes our focus on in-house design, development, and manufacturing. We use this approach to refine our processes, control costs, and ensure a consistent high level of quality in everything we build. It’s the best way to ensure total control.

See Haas Tool Changers in Action

Haas VMC Comparison: VF-2, VF-2SS & DM-2
In this head-to-head video comparison, we run the same part, with the same tools, the same spindle taper, and the same speeds and feeds on three different machines. Find out which machine finishes the part fastest!
Save Time by Pre-Staging Tools!
Today, Mark shows you how to save valuable time and keep your spindle turning by pre-staging your tools. Using Mark’s simple programming tip, you can save seconds on every tool change; that adds up to some serious savings each week!
Haas VF-2SS & HRC210 Demo
See how fast you can make parts on a Haas VF-2SS with a super-fast HRC210 rotary table.

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