High-Performance 10,000-rpm Spindle

High-power, high-speed spindle for 50-taper VF and EC Series
  • 10k Speed
  • 50 Taper
  • 60 hp Power
  • Gearbox Drive

This high-performance 10,000-rpm spindle for 50-taper machines is driven by a 60 hp vector drive system that provides higher power throughout the rpm range. It uses a Haas-built two-speed gearbox to provide a wide constant horsepower band, good low-speed torque for heavy cuts, and higher torque throughout the range above 500 rpm. Haas gears are CNC machined and hobbed out of alloy steel, heat treated to 60 Rc, and then precision ground to AGMA Class 13 quality. Note: This option requires balanced toolholders with a G2.5 rating.

  • 60 horsepower (peak) vector drive system
  • High-power, high-speed machining in a 50-taper package
  • 2-speed gearbox designed, manufactured, and built in-house
  • More power for larger-diameter tools and tougher materials
  • Automatic High or Low gear selection based on the commanded rpm
  • User programmable selection of High or Low gear via M-codes

High-Performance 50-Taper Spindle

Do you need to increase your material removal rates? Our high-performance 50-taper spindle options use a powerful 60 hp vector drive system to push the boundaries to new limits. If you want to cut more chips in less time, watch now to see how we can maximize your material removal rates!

The following charts are for reference only.
These power numbers are based on 240V service, supplied at the required amperage.
Actual results may vary depending on the supplied power and the operating conditions.
Haas spindles will provide these peak power numbers, which equate to 200% spindle load, for three minutes, 
150% spindle load (75% of the peak number) for 15 minutes, 100% spindle load (50% of the peak number) continuously.

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Note: The optional high-performance spindles have a higher power requirement than the standard spindle. Contact your local HFO for information.

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