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Chip & Coolant Management

Make and Remove Chips Efficiently

Optimize Your Cutting Conditions

Parts come out best when the cutting tool is lubricated, the cutting zone is clear, and your machine is free of chips. We obsess over creating the optimal cutting conditions to produce perfect parts.

Not All Chips Are Created Equal

With almost 200,000 machines in the field, and more than 300 Haas machines in our own machine shop, there isn’t a chip-management issue we haven’t seen. And our solutions to those issues become features and options on Haas machine tools. Whether you cut steel, aluminum, high-temp alloys, or even non-metallic materials, there’s a Haas solution to suit your needs.

Different Chips, Different Solutions

How do Haas vertical machining centers keep your cutting tools lubricated and clear chips from the cutting area? This video shows all the ways Haas VMCs tackle these important tasks.

We’ve Thought of Everything

No matter what tools you’re using or materials you’re cutting, Haas engineers have designed solutions to best meet your needs.

Chip Clearing

Re-cutting chips results in accelerated tool wear, poor surface finishes, and – at worst – scrap. To effectively remove chips from the cutting area, we offer a host of high-productivity solutions, like Through-Spindle Coolant, Through-Tool Air Blast, Minimum-Quantity Lubrication, and more.

Chip Removal

Your machine is one of the most important employees in your shop. It always should be making chips. Having to stop the machine to remove chips, means it’s not making you money. We offer a variety of chip-removal solutions to keep your machine making chips.

Coolant Management

Coolant management isn’t just about keeping up the coolant level, but also about keeping the coolant clean and that the coolant concentration remains optimal. Our solutions are the result of solving problems for our customers, as well as in our own machine shop.

See Chip & Coolant Solutions in Action

Minimum Quantity Lubrication
Can’t use water-based coolant on your parts . . . but still need to keep your cutting tools lubricated? The Haas Minimum Quantity Lubrication System can help you out.
Programmable Coolant Nozzle
In today’s episode, Mark demonstrates several ways to set your Haas Programmable Coolant Nozzle (P-Cool), and reveals a couple of programming tips you probably didn’t know about.
Coolant Refill
The Haas Automatic Coolant Refill System is designed to enhance your productivity, by simplifying the way you make coolant. We take all the calculation, chemistry, and mixing out of the process.
Cleaning Your Tank
In this video, we look at cleaning out a marginally dirty tank, and then move on to a really dirty tank, and the steps involved in cleaning the machine’s entire coolant system when it’s been overrun by neglect and contamination.
4 Steps to Coolant Maintenance
Follow along as Mark shows us a 4-step method for mixing new coolant to fill the coolant tank on your Haas CNC machine.
Tools of Coolant
The first video in our Machine Tool Coolant Video Series takes a look at the tools most often used during the preparation of machine tool coolant and coolant tank maintenance.

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