Have service questions or concerns?

If you feel you are not receiving proper support from your local Haas Factory Outlet, please let us know immediately, so we can address your concerns. Please provide us with your machine serial number in the questions or comments section. This will help us provide you with the fastest and most accurate information.

World-Class Support at a Local Level

All Haas Factory Outlets are locally owned and operated, but they focus exclusively on Haas machines and Haas customers. This ensures fast response to your needs, by local technicians who know you and your business.

Certified Techs 

Every Haas distributor fields a complete service department, fully staffed with factory-trained and -certified personnel. Haas owners receive state-of-the-art service through the worldwide network of Haas Factory Outlets. 

Parts Exchange

Haas Automation offers core exchange discounts on most major parts and components. Additionally, Haas believes that reasonably priced replacement parts are a big part of a machine’s overall value. 

Platinum Care

Purchasing a Preventive Maintenance program can dramatically extend the life of your Haas machine, providing you with industry-leading support by factory-certified Haas Service Technicians to keep your machines in top working order. 

Online Resources

Access manuals, drawings, and instructional videos online – 24/7. Produced by Haas technicians to help you learn, operate, and maintain your Haas CNC machine. 


Check out our maintenance videos to keep your machines performing their best!

Tool Changer Maintenance
Service Engineer Orville Collins as he walks us through tool changer maintenance. If your tool changer is making odd noises or not functioning perfectly, your tool changer may need maintenance.
Run the Spindle Warm-Up Program for Longer Spindle Life
Service Engineer Orville Collins shows you how – and why – you should run the spindle warm-up program after your mill has been sitting for a few days.
Daily Machine Maintenance
Tune in for a quick run through some of the essential daily maintenance steps you should take to preserve the functionality of your Haas Vertical Mill. Haas Service veteran Orville Collins explains what you need to do to keep your machine running strong.