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High-Performance VMCs for Mold Making and Tool & Die

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Accuracy, Rigidity, and Thermal Stability for the Mold Industry

Haas Mold Machines are the best-value, high-performance, specialty mold & die machines in the industry.

“Our VM-3 has been a tremendous addition to our machine shop. The accuracy and machined surface finishes are superb. Equally important, the machine is easy to operate. We love the modern technology features, including HaasConnect and the advanced probing routines.”

Saunders Machine Works
John Saunders | President | Saunders Machine Works

See Mold Machines in Action

Through-Tool Air Blast – TAB
Haas TAB functions just like through-spindle coolant, except uses a high-pressure, high-volume blast of air. When you can’t use coolant, but need to clear those chips, check out TAB.
Minimum Quantity Lubrication System
Can’t use water-based coolant on your parts . . . but still need to keep your cutting tools lubricated? The Haas Minimum Quantity Lubrication System can help you out.
Avoiding a Crash
In this Haas Tip of the Day, Mark gives some pointers on using settings in the Haas control to keep from breaking your tool – or worse!
How to Start A Mold in the Middle of The Program
Have you ever had your power go out right in the middle of your program? Or maybe you broke a tool, or needed to change an insert, or wanted to inspect your part during the finish pass. With Haas’ Program Restart, it’s no problem!


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