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Automate Your Part Production on Small VMCs

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*Available for order Q4, 2019. U.S. and Canada only.

The Haas Automatic Parts Loader is a simple and affordable way to automate part production and boost productivity on Haas turning centers. It is designed and built exclusively for use on Haas small VMCs, and connects directly to the Haas control. 

  • All-inclusive design, with plug-and-play capabilities to Haas small vertical machining centers
  • Interfaces directly with the Haas control
  • Accommodates parts up to 6" length x 6" width x 10 lb
  • Includes light curtain for safe operation
  • Made in the USA

Automation Payback: Less Than 6 Months

DO THE MATH: Run just four extra hours per day with the APL, and you could generate enough output to pay for your investment in as few as 6 months.

Looking at it another way, the APL is roughly half the cost of an operator’s wages for a full year!

APL Overview

The Automatic Parts Loader (APL) is a simple way to automate part production on Haas VF-1 through VF-2 size Vertical Machining Centers, including SS and YT models. The easy-to-use interface in the Haas control guides you through a simple, step-by-step setup process that “teaches” the APL arm its positions, and has you fully automated in minutes, loading and unloading parts for unattended machining.

APL Specifications

Axis Travels (AU, AV, AW) 115" x 28" x 11" 2921 x 711 x 279 mm
Rapids (AU)
2126 in/min
54 m/min
Rapids (AV)
118 in/min
3 m/min
Rapids (AW)
1417 in/min
36 m/min
Maximun Part (Length x Width) 
6.0" x 6.0"
152 x 152 mm
Maximum Part Weight Per Gripper 10 lb
4.5 kg
Table Size (Length x Width)  48" x 28" 1219 x 711 mm
Table Load Capacity 1000 lb 454 kg

APL Part Management

Part management on the APL table is done by creating a grid pattern template of equally spaced rows and columns. The APL grippers can handle parts from 1.0" (25 mm) square, up to 6.0" x 6.0" (152 x 152 mm) Length x Width. Various part shapes – such as round, hex, and square – can be loaded, and grippers can be adjusted or modified to best fit your parts.

The APL is programmed directly through the Haas control, and set up using the Haas APL interface, which guides the operator through the steps necessary to quickly program the APL. Answering simple questions, the operator enters basic information by either positioning the part grippers and pushing a single button to record the position, or by entering basic numeric values. All values are calculated automatically by the control, and the APL is ready to go.

The APL operates in the background during normal machining operations, returning parts to the storage table and retrieving new raw pieces, while parts are being machined. The result is near-continuous, unattended machining. The double grippers save time by taking a part from the electronic vise inside the machine and replacing it with a new piece of raw material, without having to return to the storage table.

APL Interface

Easy-to-Use APL Interface

Our easy-to-use APL interface uses simple, step-by-step instructions to help the operator “teach” the APL the correct positions for picking up, loading, and unloading parts.

  • The APL is operated directly at the machine’s pendent, allowing seamless integration
  • Step-by-step instructions and graphics help guide the operator through the setup process, for example:
    • Set part template pattern – number of rows and columns
    • Set first part pick-up position
    • Set staging position for APL to wait until machining is complete 
    • Set load and unload positions at the electronic vise
    • Set part drop-off position for the first completed part

APL Mode

Simple to Operate in APL Mode

APL Mode seamlessly combines the part program selected in Memory [MEM] with a designated APL setup template to automate part production and boost productivity.

A new M-code was developed for use with Auto Part Loaders. M299 is typically used at the end of a part program. When the program is started by pressing [CYCLE START] in Memory mode, the M299 acts exactly like an M30 (Program End and Reset). But if the program is started while “APL Mode” is active, then the M299 will command the APL to load the first part from table, and then run the active program in Memory. 

  • APL Mode
    • Simply replace your M30 with an M299 at the end of your part program
    • From the Run Job tab, press [INSERT] to select the designated APL setup template (Job) and turn on APL Mode; an “APL Mode” watermark will appear over your program, and you’re ready to go
    • Press Cycle Start, and the APL will load the first, and execute the part program in Memory
    • While the part is being machined, the APL will drop off the completed part, and then pick up new raw stock and stage it at the designated load position
    • The operator can monitor table status, the number of parts completed, which number part is inside the machine, and which part is next
    • The cycle continues until all parts on the table are completed, or a specified number of parts is reached 
Travels S.A.E METRIC
AU Axis 115 in 2921 mm
AV Axis 28 in 711 mm
AW Axis 11 in 279 mm
Feedrates S.A.E METRIC
Rapids (AU 2126 ipm 54 m/min
Rapids (AV) 118 ipm 3 m/min
Rapids (AW) 1417 ipm 36 m/min
Part Size S.A.E METRIC
Max Part Length 6.0 in 152 mm
Max Part Width 6.0 in 152 mm
Max Part Weight (per gripper) 10 lb 4.5 kg
Length 48.0 in 1219 mm
Width 28.0 in 711 mm
Load Capacity 1000 lb 454 kg

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