160 mm Tilting Rotary Table
  • 1 Spindles
  • 160 mm Platter Size
  • 112 ft-lb Max Torque
  • 104 °/sec Max Speed

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Our all-new TRT160 tilting rotary table not only puts 5-axis capabilities well within reach of the average job shop, but its new smaller size also provides greater mounting flexibility than its predecessor. We’ve completely redesigned the TRT160 to create a much more compact and versatile 5-axis solution for smaller mills, including Haas Mini Mills and Toolroom Mills. The new unit easily fits on one end of a machine’s table, leaving the remainder open for additional fixtures or vises.    

Requires a Haas mill with 4th- and 5th-axis drives and software version NGC or later for true 4th- and 5th-axis operation. 

  • Add 4- and 5-axis capabilities to your machine
  • Compact size fits easily into smaller mills 
  • Easy plug-and-play connection to Haas machines
  • Industry-leading performance and capabilities
  • Made in the USA

The New TRT160

More compact and higher performing. See the new TRT160 in action.

Platter S.A.E METRIC
Platter Diameter 6.30 in 160 mm
Max Weight on Platter 150 lb 68.0 kg
Part Swing Max 10.5 in 267 mm
Hole Pattern (3) 6-bolt patterns (3) 6-bolt patterns
Spindle – A (tilt) S.A.E METRIC
Max Speed 104 °/sec 104 °/sec
Max Torque 210 ft-lbf 285 Nm
Runout Max 0.013 mm
Backlash 30 arc-sec 30 arc-sec
Center Height 6.900 in 175.26 mm
Gear Ratio 90:1 90:1
Timing 2:1  2:1 
Brake Torque @ 100 psi/6.9 bar 200 ft-lbf 271 Nm
Spindle – B (rotary) S.A.E METRIC
Max Speed 104 °/sec 104 °/sec
Max Torque 112 ft-lbf 151 Nm
Runout Max 0.0005 in 0.013 mm
Backlash 30 arc-sec 30 arc-sec
Center Height 6.900 in 175.26 mm
Gear Ratio 63:1 63:1
Timing 1.5:1 1.5:1
Brake Torque @ 100 psi/6.9 bar 100 ft-lbf 136 Nm
Indexing – A (tilt) S.A.E METRIC
Max Rotation/Step ± 120 ° ± 120 °
Resolution 0.001 ° 0.001 °
Accuracy (±) ± 25 arc-sec ± 25 arc-sec
Repeatability 10 arc-sec 10 arc-sec
Indexing – B (rotary) S.A.E METRIC
Max Rotation/Step (with rotary control) 999.999 ° 999.999 °
Resolution 0.001 ° 0.001 °
Accuracy (±) ± 15 arc-sec ± 15 arc-sec
Repeatability 10 arc-sec 10 arc-sec
General S.A.E METRIC
Operating Temp (max ambient) 100 °F 38 °C
Air Requirements S.A.E METRIC
Air Pressure Max 150 psi 10.3 bar
Table 240 lb 108.0 kg
Brushless Control – 1-Axis 14.2 lb 6.4 kg
Dimensions - Shipping S.A.E METRIC
Export Crate 28 in x 17 in x 19 in 71 cm x 43 cm x 48 cm
Weight 302 lb 137.0 kg

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