CNC Lathe with 25.5" x 44" max capacity and 4.0" bar capacity
  • 15" Chuck Size
  • 4.0" Bar Capacity
  • 2.4k RPM
  • 40 hp Power

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The Haas ST Series high-performance turning centers were designed from the ground up to provide setup flexibility, extreme rigidity, and high thermal stability. 

The ST-40 is a large-frame lathe with a generous work envelope. This machine offers the best performance for the money – the best value – in its class.

  • 2-speed gearbox
  • 12-station bolt-on turret
  • Powerful spindle and hydraulic chucking system
  • Made in the USA

The ST-40 at Work

Need to machine some tapered oilfield threads on some pipe? Or drill a 4" hole in some stainless or alloy steel? No problem, the ST-40 has the power and rigidity to tackle some serious parts. This demo features OD turning with a 0.6" DOC at 770 SFM and 0.0216"/rev in 4140 alloy steel.

Standard Features


  • 2400-rpm Spindle

Turrets & Live Tooling

  • 12-Station Bolt-On Tool Turret

Chip & Coolant Management

  • 95-Gallon Coolant Tank

The Haas Control

  • Media Display M-Code; M130
  • HaasConnect: Remote monitoring
  • Early Power-Failure Detection Module
  • Ethernet Interface
  • WiFi Connection for the Haas Control
  • Remote Jog Handle with Touchscreen Display
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Standard Program Memory, 1 GB
  • Internal High-Voltage Isolated Transformer

Product Options

  • Extended Tool Pocket

Tooling & Fixturing

  • Bolt-On Toolholder Kit, 1.25"


  • 15" Hydraulic Chuck, A2-8


  • Lifting Provision


  • 1-Year Standard Warranty
Swing Diameter S.A.E METRIC
Over Front Apron 34.5 in 876 mm
Over Cross Slide 25.5 in 648 mm
Over Tailstock 25.5 in 648 mm
Capacities S.A.E METRIC
Chuck Size 15.0 in 381 mm
Max Cutting Diameter (varies with turret) 25.5 in 648 mm
Max Cutting Length (varies with workholding) 44.0 in 1118 mm
Bar Capacity 4.00 in 102 mm
Travels S.A.E METRIC
X Axis 17.0 in 432 mm
Z Axis 44.0 in 1118 mm
Feedrates S.A.E METRIC
Rapids on X 710 ipm 18.0 m/min
Rapids on Z 710 ipm 18.0 m/min
Axis Motors S.A.E METRIC
Max Thrust X 5500 lbf 24465 N
Max Thrust Z 9000 lbf 40034 N
Spindle S.A.E METRIC
Spindle Nose A2-8 A2-8
Max Rating 40.0 hp 29.8 kW
Max Speed 2400 rpm 2400 rpm
Max Torque 1400 ft-lbf @ 150 rpm 1898 Nm @ 150 rpm
Spindle Bore ø 4.62 in 117.3 mm
Drive System 2-Speed Gearbox 2-Speed Gearbox
Max Rating 55.0 hp 41.0 kW
Max Speed 2400 rpm 2400 rpm
Max Torque 2100 ft-lbf @ 150 rpm 2847 Nm @ 150 rpm
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - Low 220 VAC 220 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - Low 105 A 105 A
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - High 440 VAC 440 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - High 53 A 53 A
Number of Tools 12-Station BOT 12-Station BOT
OD vs ID Tools Any Combination (will vary with turret) Any Combination (will vary with turret)
Boring Bar Rear Clearance (from back of turret ) 4.37 in 111.0 mm
General S.A.E METRIC
Coolant Capacity 95 gal 360 L
Air Requirements S.A.E METRIC
Air Required 4 scfm @ 100 psi 113 L/min @ 6.9 bar
Inline Air Hose 3/8 in 3/8 in
Coupler (Air) 3/8 in 3/8 in
Air Pressure Min 80 psi 5.5 bar
Electrical Specification S.A.E METRIC
Spindle Speed 2400 rpm 2400 rpm
Drive System 2-Speed Gearbox 2-Speed Gearbox
Spindle Power 40.0 hp 29.8 kW
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - Low 220 VAC 220 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - Low 70 A 70 A
Input AC Voltage (3 Phase) - High 440 VAC 440 VAC
Full Load Amps (3 Phase) - High 35 A 35 A
Dimensions - Shipping S.A.E METRIC
Domestic Pallet 217 in x 96 in x 105 in 552 cm x 244 cm x 267 cm
Export Pallet 215 in x 91 in x 100 in 547 cm x 232 cm x 254 cm
Weight 25900 lb 11749.0 kg

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See the ST Series in Action

Mark shows you everything you need to know to drill on a Haas lathe. Whether you have a standard 2-axis lathe, a dual-spindle lathe, or even a live-tool lathe, Mark simplifies the process, and explains all the G and M codes you’ll ever need.
Mark demonstrates how using a G53 command instead of G28 not only saves valuable cycle time, but also reduces the risk of crashing your machine. Mark walks you through both G-codes, and explains how and when to use each one.
Why move your turned parts to a mill for secondary operations when you can machine them complete on a Haas lathe with the BMT65 turret and live tooling? The BMT65 system provides increased cutting performance, longer tool life, and better tool clearance.
Setting Up Live Tools
Properly setting up live tools on a turning center can be tricky. Mark guides you through the process with a step-by-step tutorial that will answer all your questions.

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