Haas ST Series

ST Series

High-Performance Turning for Any Shop

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The Best-Value Turning Centers in the Industry

Rigid, high-performance turning centers with a wide selection of available options for every shop.

“We discussed which machines to get for a week or more. We discussed every detail, and Haas helped with that, too. We finally decided on the ST-30 for turning. These are our first CNC machines, and we are very pleased with the machines and the service. The ST-30 does most of our parts, because we make so many pulleys and round parts.”

Weistec Engineering
Michael Weiss | President | Weistec Engineering

See the ST Series in Action

Mark shows you everything you need to know to drill on a Haas lathe. Whether you have a standard 2-axis lathe, a dual-spindle lathe, or even a live-tool lathe, Mark simplifies the process, and explains all the G and M codes you’ll ever need.
Mark tackles a confusing and often misunderstood topic – pull-back/dead-length collet chucks, and lathe part stops. Knowing how your machine works will help you make better decisions on your workholding, and there are some great animations in this video to really explain things.
Why move your turned parts to a mill for secondary operations when you can machine them complete on a Haas lathe with the BMT65 turret and live tooling? The BMT65 system provides increased cutting performance, longer tool life, and better tool clearance.
How to Set Up Live Tools
Properly setting up live tools on a turning center can be tricky. Today, Mark guides you through the process with a step-by-step tutorial that will answer all your questions. If you have a Haas lathe with live tooling, or are considering getting one, this video is a must for you!


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Let’s find the right machine for your shop, and make it your own by adding the options and features that work for you.