From Toolroom to Oilfield


A Turning Center for Every Shop

Haas Automation’s complete line of CNC turning centers is designed to meet the needs of modern machine shops – now and long into the future.

All the Features and Performance You’ve Come to Expect From a Haas

Haas turning centers offer a wide range of capabilities, including toolroom lathes, big-bore versions, dual-spindle models, live tooling with C-axis, and Y-axis capability.

“Expanding capabilities is always an issue here at KutRite. It’s all about value. We were outsourcing heavily – 30 percent – at high cost; but once we started buying our own Haas machines, we were able to bring that work back into our facility.”

KutRite Manufacturing
Ralph O. Neri | President | KutRite Manufacturing

A Versatile Lineup of CNC Lathes