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The Perfect Solution for Large-Part Machining

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Rugged 50-Taper HMCs with Large Capacities

Haas EC-1600 Series HMCs offer the high performance and large capacity you need to handle larger work.

“We bought the Haas EC-400 pallet pool because we often develop four or five parts at any one time. Haas designed the EC-400 pallet pool for high-volume production and unattended operation. It has six stations that we can schedule individually, allowing us to prioritize work efficiently, and develop parts simultaneously. When we’ve worked out the process, we move the fixture and the tooling to the production machines.”

SuMax Enterprises
Rajesh Suttatti | Managing Director | SuMax Enterprises

HaasBuilt EC-1600

Check out this HaasBuilt video that highlights our EC-1600. This large 50-taper HMC gets really large parts handled easily.

See the EC Series in Action

The Redesigned EC-1600
The redesigned EC-1600 has received a host of improvements, like a faster spindle and tool changer, more rigid castings, and new customer convenience features.
Wireless Intuitive Probing System
With the Haas Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS), you can set tool and work offsets in a fraction of the time. No more edge finders or slips of paper under the tool needed.
The Haas EC-1600ZT-5AX
We took our tried-and-true EC-1600ZT, and added 4th- and 5th-axis capabilities to create an HMC capable of full 5-axis machining on large parts.
Display Pictures and Videos
Mark shows off the powerful Haas M130 Media Display feature. By commanding an M130, you can display setup sheets, tool lists, work instructions, and even videos – all from within your program.


Build Your EC-1600

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