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“Thinking in five axes was new to me, so I took it slowly to start with. The control is the same as the VF-2SS, so it was immediately familiar. Of course, our need for accuracy and capability will only increase over time, but we are in a very good position, now that we have access to an affordable, very good machine like the UMC.”

Matteo Vannini | Workshop Director | Vamec

See the UMC Series in Action

Precision Machining on a UMC-750
The UMC-750 is an affordable solution for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis work, on a platform that is intuitive and easy to use.
Simplify 3+2 and 5-Axis Machining
Using DWO/TCPC (Dynamic Work Offsets / Tool Center Point Control), you can create your CAM program ahead of time, and then place the workholding and part anywhere on the table, with no need to repost your program!
Single Setup Machining
Typically, this part would require multiple setups and operator handling, but the UMC-750 will produce the finished part in a single setup, with increased accuracy.
Don’t Fear 5-Axis
In the first video in our “Don’t Fear 5-Axis” series, John Nelson explains why 5-axis machining is much simpler than it has ever been, and why any shop can be a 5-axis shop.


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